SParms has been developed in conjunction with AnK Golf Australia, an Elite Sports Academy for amateur/junior golfing athletes.

In 2009 AnK branched out into two different businesses, including AnK Golf Logistics that is the original developer of the SParms brand.

Since then, AnK Golf Logistics has branched out in the sports industry as a leading manufacturer and developer of Golf accessories. Included are the SParms Sun Protection Arm Sleeves.

These accessories can be found in leading golf pro shops all around Australia, in some pharmacies and are also distributed throughout the world in Canada, New Zealand and France. As of June 2013, AnK Golf Logistics has set up a direct subsidiary company in the USA known as SParms USA.

Within a matter of 2 years, SParms has become a household name and supplier in Sun Protection Sleeves in these regions, and has a serious fan base among celebrity pro athletes. See our Customer Profiles.

AnK Golf Logistics is committed to continuously investing in the development and research of sports science. The next phase of this company is to head towards compression garments, compression arm sleeves, and full body compression suits as well as separate top and bottom suits.

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